Alien Conspiracy

I've never really read up anything, or even heard anything about the roswell crash in quite some time.  But this t.v. show came up on the Discovery Channel that looked like it was trying its best to disprove the theory.

one way it tried was to prove that memory can change over time.  What they did was take a group of people on a hike that, during the duration of the hike, would go by a fake crash site, complete with 2 military thugs with assault rifles.  They put helmet cams on the hikersand recorded what they saw of the "crash site" and then interviewed tham a month later.  When interviewed, the people could remember key things, like the 2 guys with guns, but small things had changed...they wouldn't go over specifically what had changed.

The problem with the hiking trail:  Yes the memory was distorted, but what stayed true was the fact that they remembered "something was there".  They never went into full detail about what was different about their memory and the head cam.  Why?  You would think that something as epic to the conclusion would be included.  They only left it at "Memory can be altered over time and it's obviously not must have been a manican or something"

Now just to throw my own opinion in here, I do believe in inteligent life on other planets. 

Now before you go on with your religious bull shit about "GOD MADE THE UNIVERSE FOR US" let me tell you how rediculous it seems that God would give us this massive expanse of existence to explore by ourselves.  Yes I am Catholic, and it may seem that the line "in his own image" may throw you off...but I ask you this, Does that make God black, or White?  And whe you say "he is everything" it nullifies the first quote.  We aren't "everything". 

It is known that we have this "endless" expance of nothingness out there with millions of galaxies and trillions of world that could very well support life like on Earth.  Now I ask you this, What makes Earth so special?  Why is it that it that Earth is able to support as much life as it possible can hold, plus a whole chicken, but it is "blasphemous" unfathomnable poppycock when the possibility of life on a world similar to ours is presented to them?

Now before going back to your beliefs that the world is only 10 thousand years old and that we are alone in this vast expanse of existence.  Ask yourselves these questions and see what answers you come up with.  And i'm not telling you to start questioning your own belief system, I'm telling you to just thik about the possibilities before trying to convert those "god-hating, tinfoil wearing nutjobs" to your opinion.  They may just have a point.

Uploaded 08/23/2008
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