All Conspiracy Theories are Bullshit

A bold statement for sure. "All conspiracy theories are bullshit." But let's look at it, because it's important. First off, it's a "Theory", some kind of idea that a person or persons put together based on perceptions, information, disinformation and various media inputs available to them. Automatically, it's contaminated if you include all sources and proper filters are not well defined. Intuition is a great tool, but those who perceive differently than yourself will not accept it.

Conspiracy theories are not legitimized because their status has not convicted or penalized any person or persons. If a conspiracy actually took place then some people would have been charged and convicted. Then the conspiracy theory would then be called a "Conspiracy".  

With the 911 attacks, fluoride poisoning, derivatives misrepresentation, market manipulations, covert activities, etc, no one has been charged and convicted. Therefore, by default it all remains a "Theory" , which can therefore be known as "Bullshit". As long as no group of people are found and proven guilty of any illegal act, all theories can fall then into the realm of bullshit. And as long as no one is confronted, charged and convicted of wrong doing, it all remains a "Theory".  Even the righteous have got to admit that's fuckin' beautiful! 

911 was not a conspiracy because no group of people were proven guilty. The conspiracy of 911 has not yet been proven and by default, it is therefore, "Bullshit".

Uploaded 02/14/2012
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