all i have to say is, what the fuck?

so i went back to work on monday, teaching all the little high school children...... what the fuck happened? there are too many weird kids in our world.


i actually had a student request that i call her by her furry name sakura wolf or what ever the fuck she said..... this just saddens me, when i was in high school the worst we had was the little vampire freaks, now i have to deal with the emo kids and the goth kids, and the god damn furries. I am actually considering leaving the teaching world and getting a job at mcdonalds, it would be better than having to deal with this shit.


im tired of finding every desk in my class room covered in anime drawings and shit. what is up with these kids? Cna they not be normal? seriously, they all live in these little fantasy worlds.....


guess thats what i get for teaching the freshmen class this year.


also, im tired of the little fuckers leaving all of their damn trash in my class, it is not a fucking landfill.....


anyway, just a stupid rant from snugglymuffins, i dont really care if offended anyone

Uploaded 08/23/2008
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