Almost Checked Out

Well, on July third, there was a block party here for Independence Day.  There was a lot of karaoke besides the barbecue and fixings.  Here's my awful performance for you.

It was incredibly hot that day.  At least 101F in the shade, but I was standing in the sun for the most part as I was filming the others.  The person who was barbecuing was the first to go down.

Being tough like I am, I went home and started shoveling another load of rotted wood into the wagon to use as mulch, then went inside and did some yoga.  The next day, I was really feeling bad and about 7pm started having heart pains, dizziness, and cramps, and passed out a couple times, so I went to the hospital.  Not exactly the way I wanted to spend the 4th.

I honestly felt like I wasn't going to make it.  The chest pain was severe and coming in waves.  At the ER, though, they gave me some morphine which eased the pain considerably.  Still, I had a heaviness in my chest that seemed it wouldn't quit.  They ended up admitting me.  It turned out to be heat stroke.

I woke up in the hospital this morning with a boner the size of Texas, so I must be doing pretty well.  I might not have noticed it if the nurse hadn't kept touching it.  I thought she was trying to put a lead on for my EKG, but after she left, I looked and there weren't any contacts anywhere near that area.   Here's to naughty nurses!  haha

I came home this evening.  I feel quite a bit better now, but the dizziness is still with me and I'm still a little weak.  I'm sure that will pass before too much longer.

Uploaded 07/07/2011
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