alot of random shit.

I'm pretty fucking excited right now. Today I decided to flip my hair out and I practicaly orgasmed when I saw how long it is. For like over a year the longest I have had my hair is maybe to the bottom of my chin so I decided to grow my hair out because I missed being able to curl it and stuff.

Apart from that I spent almost my entire weekend painting. at first I just spent friday night at my boyfriends watching horror movies but when I got home I got to spend the entire afternoon painting. Again today I spent half of the day painting wich sucks but kind of rocks. i was supposed to go to my friend ricks hosue at like 1pm but I ended up having to climb to the top of a ladder and do the trimming on the ceiling. But because my mother is pretty chilling she decided that since i gave up almost my entire day to help her that she would drive me up to newmarket. i ended up spenind over a hundred dollars ( of my own money) on sweaters and t-shirts.

What I am totaly pissed about is that I have to replace a 50 glass. I dont even have a job and I have to. while me and my mother and my step father were painting we decided to turn on music. After a while I asked them if I could put on one of my songs. I put on "the pot" by tool and the bass in the song eneded up vibrating one of my step fathers specialty beer glasses of the shelf. so now I have to replace it. Damn my music.

that is all of my random and pointless blog. Thank you for letting me annoy you.

Uploaded 11/09/2008
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