Alternatives For Racist Entertainment

Due to the explosive nature of racism, it has been banned here at eBaum's world. Personally, I prefer people not use racism as a means of entertainment, as it is the lowest form of comedy other than the abuse of animals. Even then, it's pretty close. 

However, if you can't muster up enough intelligence to insult people with haute coiture, then use the second lowest form of insult, making fun of their physical characteristics, their jobs, their opinions, how poorly they write, you know, their very essence. The more personalized the better. In this way you end up insulting less people the more you tailor it to the person you are directing it at. Instead of using a racially charged remark, direct the insult to just the person you want to annoy, if you can. Instead of saying "You're a black sambo" for example, say something like, "You look terrible in black".  

If the above is still over your head, then you can make fun of sub groups of people without getting banned. Some subgroups might be short people, fat people, washer people, used car man, people with round eye or people who smell bad. And let us not forget those goofy Christians. It's always open season on them. Avoid subgroups that are politicized, such as LGBT, Environuts and Vegetarians as this may be considered racist by those who are emotionally weak and intellectually inferior. 

An exception to these ideas are Irish jokes. You can make fun of the Irish as much as you like because they still have a sense of humour and don't give a shit. 

Uploaded 10/01/2012
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