Am I a Female and the Answer

In a previous blog flying1368 asked, "Let are you a female"? Followed by the usual attempt to insinuate I was gay and then like most people today, try to cover up their bigotry with the line Seinfeld made famous, "Not that there is anything wrong with that".  This kind of behaviour is indicative of many males in our society and though it lacks creative thought, it does tend to soothe those who might feel threatened by other males.  At first, his childish remark was something to ignore, but the reason he and others of his ilk do it, is indeed an important question and the answer profoundly important in today's society. The answer to this behaviour is as follows:

It might seem that way to you flying because you are like a beta male monkey who can't get his thoughts away from his penis. When you hear or see something that (a) doesn't reek of male testosterone or (b) something that can be fucked, you become confused and since you do not have the mental or emotional capacities to look beyond your baseness, you fuse both aspects of  male and female, especially if it is a male your confusion lies with. It's similar to a teenage boy who feels threatened by other males and thinks to himself and many times shares his thoughts with others, that an approaching or retreating male is a faggot for no other reason than his own insecurities. Now, do not feel I think you a poor specimen of a man, you are a very good specimen of a man because you are common. You are like a perfectly formed kernel of corn in a sack full of corn. And you will come into this world and then leave it, without achieving anything remarkable, because you are like the beta monkey who's only relief is to wack himself off and because it doesn't fully satisfy his physical and emotional needs and it is all he has, the monkey's brain attains a kind of stall. This is akin to the saying. "Can't think further than the head of his penis". That is you and that is why you confuse me with femininity or homosexuality, due to your incapacity to understand more complex issues.

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