Am I glad that's over

About 3 months ago I had to get MAJOR (get it?) surgery as a result of an accident. I have been around here alot lately as a  result. I will  never walk normally again, never run, never ski or water ski again and I can live with all that. 

What I can't live with is the fuckin monkey on my back from the fuckin painkillers. I used to watch TV read the news etc and wonder how those fuckin losers could get hooked on painkillers after surgery, well after two and a half months of those lovely lovely crutches now I understand. 

Wake up, take a pill. Get back from my morning rehab and strengthening walk, take a pill. Prior to my  afternoon nap, take a pill. Well You get the Idea.

I kept asking My MD if I should be doing this and he said as long as the pain was there then it was OK. I got concerned for myself and tried not taking them but just the knowledge that I had them kept me coming back. Finally I threw the fuckers away and decided to get by on Tylenol and Motrin, WOW what a fucking great idea and mistake all at once.

I did this a little more than 2 weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was I couldn't sleep, I got hot and cold, I ached (mostly in my neck), I was jittery and GRUMPY as hell! I tried to tell What's her name what I was going thru but she didn't realize how truly rotten I was and felt (hyper-emotional,sore,scared,).

I looked up opiate withdrawal symptoms on the internet and boom, there should have been my picture right there. I even called my Md and he said he could prescribe more pills (clonepin?) to help with the symptoms (never a word on my previous concerns) but I said fuck that and went it cold turkey....

Why all this whining? Well it's because I wanted to say that one of the things that got me thru the last 2 weeks was You guys, I knew that I could find some distraction and relief here and exercise my brain a little too. So......

THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS (real and imagined) here on this blog section.

Ps I am now almost completely de-toxed (still have  the occasional ache, chill, and twinge), can now walk 2 miles unassisted and will be returning to work next week. 

The only negative out of all this de-toxing is I started smoking again (it helped)

Limping off into the sunset


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