American Pig Dogs, This Is For You!

just kidding about the pig dogs lol thats funny stuff. 

âA clear condemnation of Putinâs actions is necessary out of principle and to show support to those brave Russians who are fed up with authoritiesâ rampant corruption, abuses and heavy-handed tactics,â wrote David J. Kramer, president of Freedom House. âThe U.S. government should make clear that support remains unchanged for Russian non-governmental organizations (NGOs).â




Mr. Kramer: Russia has a population of about 109,000,000. The US number is about 214,000,000. How is it that Russia had 5 very different political views represented on its ballot and the US has 1? Obama will attack Iran. Romney will attack Iran. Obama will treat most Americans like slaves, and so will Romney. It's the same with Wall Street, killing the middle class, Israel, invading ME nations, etc. There is no difference between Romney and Obama. Why doesn't the US have 5-10 choices on the ballot? America doesn't even have a secure voting system. Most states don't even check IDs to make sure that the person is who they claim to be. Mystery money is pouring into US political coffers, and you dare point a finger at Russia? Then, there's the fact that the US has had a similar law since 1938, it's called FARA."




Some of you guys must not use the internet for anything but email and a calendar. People KNOW the US Gov is lying. The information is out there

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