An Answer For The Gnome.

When I first read Gnomes blog I was  somewhat begrudgingly in  agreement. It is true there has not been some good discussions lately.  Mostly, some weird game of  "owning" where the prerequisite is an unknown entity. I too have convinced myself the pursuit of what ever the fuck I am after here is of unknown origin.

Since Gnome has been here so long perhaps his exploration has been exhausted. There is only so much that can be accomplished here based on the variables given to us. I too can see my presence coming to an end here. The reason being, I simply have nothing left to share. I have exposed myself,  I have reminisced about my life sharing detailed information and offering my perspectives. It is odd that I feel the greatest satisfaction when I take a certain viewpoint and most people disagree with me. There is something to be said about the road less taken and this place certainly allows me to explore that.

Now I would like to express a sentiment to our Friend Gnome. With all do respect, I would say, "Go Fuck Yourself", if I and the others on this blog site give you no stimulation at any level, then just "Fuck Off".

Most people here have at some point,  given a little bit of themselves and still do. There are some clever people here and while they might not be accomplished writers can be rather interesting. Most contributors here have learned to laugh at themselves which brings on an important humility, that I doubt they have experienced before, because they were afraid to express themselves in real life.

I would also like to give you a personal great big "Stick it up your ass" because I have written some good blogs here. It might be only once a week, but that's not bad for a guy who runs his own business.

Now, I don't give you a great big, "Fuck you or Stick it up your ass" out of anger, I do it because you have given up and criticize those who at least make an effort. Other than that, we're good!

Uploaded 09/07/2011
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