An arguement with a old racist redneck.

Yesterday i was at a friends house we were just chillen just kickin it till i decided to go outside to smoke a square(cig) when i noticed that my friend's neighbor was standing outside staring at me doing that hitler salute, And to my suprise he started saying "white power" i thought he had said White flour but i guess i was wrong, anyways I just shook my head and said "thats sad". The man walks up to me and says, What did you just say to me boy? I replied You are a sad old man. Oh man he got mad. He said Boy i got half a mind to go get my whip way up yonder an tan yer hide, your people should be ashamed crossing into our land, taking our jobs.(Im hispanic by the way). Okay first of all your like a million years old you couldnt even work as a Wal-mart greeter if you wanted to. My people should be ashamed? Yall should be ashamed teaching your young hate and then yall run around in your halloween costumes yelling "white power" I dont have anything against white people im against Ignorant white folk like you. After I said that boy he started trippen he got in my face yelling BLAH BLAH BLAH White supremacy Blah Blah I was kind of shoked because I just wanted to smoke my cig but he totally killed my smoking mood, after swaping a few choice words i decided to just give up and go back inside. I just felt like I had to share this with yall "Ebaumers"

Uploaded 12/22/2008
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