An Atheists Guide to the Meaning of Life

The meaning of life. The question has been ponders since humans had the ability to ponder it. Christians will tell you it's to repent, be baptized, and spread the word for others to share. Hindu's will tell you it's to reach moksha, complete liberation of the mind and soul. Rastas will tell you it's to smoke as much weed as you can ( or something like that). But is their a meaning of life for atheists, or agnostics?

I myself would classify me as an agnostic. I don't believe there is a god, and I don't think their is one. But the universe is a vast, and a very incomprehensible thing. Who is to say that there can't be and isn't a god?

So I am putting forth an Atheists (or agnostic's) guide to the meaning of life.

In the book The Republic by Plato, Plato argues  with a fellow Athenian about morality. The fellow Athenian is arguing that people who are moral, are more or less stupid for being so. He argues this because the people who are immoral can stab people in the back, cheat, lie ect. to get ahead in life, and become rich and powerful. And moral people who can't cheat, lie, steal get no where because of their morality. Plato argues that morality is a good thing though. That if some one (this is not the argument he used, but this is the same idea) is walking down the street, and they drop the papers they are caring, you should go and help them pick them up. Why? Because one day YOU will be the one dropping your papers, and needing help to pick them up. Morality should be an unwritten social contract between each other. When someone is in need, help them. You will need the help some day.

Now how does this pertain to the meaning of life for an Atheist? It is my belief that the meaning of life is to secure a safe, comfortable, and just living  environment for the next generation to live in. We should strive to make the world around us better. Why? because that is what the generation before did for us.

I know this is just one man's view out of the countless billions of different views out of the course of human history. I'm not saying you should believe it, or that I'm right. I just wanted to share my opinion on the meaning of life. I just know what great Philosopher I am ( I mean I've taken two philosophy classes in college, so it kinda makes me an expert......) and you would want to hear it.

It's that simple. Comments? Dissent? All is welcome.
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