An open letter of love to Eshel.......

You ask why does an old guy like me come on this site? I am going to give you something you may not know about there Eshel it is called honesty and the answer to your question is because "I can". You make insults at me about my 50 years of age and I say to you that I am not only proud of my age I am down right giddy about it. If you are not getting older you are getting DEAD. Look little man say what you want but I only speak one way and it is the truth and I will put my reputation on the line against yours any time you want and we all know how that will end. You say I am a perv well if a perv is somebody who works hard and raised a family then I am your man. I hear you threaten people all the time about "outing them" well I am out here my friend for all the world to see. I have no secrets because as I have told all my kids, say and do nothing behind someone you are not willing to do to their face and I LIVE THAT or as they say I not only talk the talk I walk the walk.


Good luck Eshel but if you are looking for attention by coming after me you are wasting your time little man because I dont have that many fans on here but the ones I do? I try never to be insulting toward them that is why I can say GO AWAY LITTLE BOY and grow up.

Uploaded 12/24/2008
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