An Open Letter to Terrorists

You know who I am.  I don't run and I don't hide.  I speak the truth whether or not you like it.

You no count terrorists should be ashamed of yourselves.  Yeah, you, you religious fundamentalists of every religion who twist the words of the prophets to strike fear into the hearts of the masses.  You who use your words to manipulate and control others do do your bidding.  You who strip the pockets of the poor in return for promises that they'll be greatly rewarded for giving you all their money or for fighting in wars that support your twisted causes which line your pockets with silver and gold.  Do you really think God is pleased with your activities?  God has a message for you.

Spread Your Love by the Holy Spirit through Cal Jennings

Ki, Chi, The Source, The Force Are just different names for God.
Its really very simple, But to you it may seem odd.
Its through the Holy Spirit That God spreads Jesus love.
So ev'ryone lets all join hands And spread peace from above.
The world is filled with hatred and war, Greed, lust, violence, and sin.
Weve got to fight a spiritual war
That first comes from within.
So if you call God Allah, Buddha, Krishna, or Id,
Its time to come together in peace.
Its about time that we did.

Refrain: Spread your love throughout the world. Let your light shine bright. Its time to break the darkness And turn on our inner light.

Copyright © 2006 Cal Jennings

Addendum:  See?  God has a sense of humor.  He even through in something for shrinks.

Copyright © 2011 Cal Jennings

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