and than i made a doody

so one day a few weeks ago i was walking back to my place from a good irsh bar and i was drunk and shit and whatnot so i wasn't walkin real ggood and i guess i wasn't attention and shit and whatnot and i accidentally hit this guy in his shoulder with my shoulder and he got all pissed and started yelling an shit and whatnot so i clocked him and he dropped

 then he gets up and he starts coming after me so i hit him agin and he just got pissed and shit so he reaches in his pants and pulls out a gun and starts pointing it at me but im close so i grab it and turn it on him i thoughts i was gonna shoot him in the face (his but i didn't i shot him in the foot the weird part thing is that after it was ovver i was so weird fe=ely that i was gonna screembut instead i felt like i had to take a poo so i started to go bacj to my place but i didt make it and i pood on my underwears and that was a not a good night thing.


 So thats all for this bog cuz im out of ideas and i dont lot have a lot more sto say to you people but im sure i will sonn

good luck and thanks for being so nice to me again thank you.

Uploaded 09/25/2010
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