Advertisements have literally begun to run all of life. They have slowly overtaken everything. A movie will have up to a 100 ads... A 100 ads. and you will hardly ever notice it. Subliminal messaging. Now for the most part it doesn't effect me but it does annoy me. If you've seen The movie Cast Away then you'll realize that it was the worlds longest Fed ex comercial. Movies have used this to a point of ridiculousness. Then T.V. has done it to the point where every 30 minutes there is 8 minutes of Commercials... Thats nearly a third of the T.V. that anyone watches is advertisement and Commercial. and now Commercials are advertising more drugs and sex to get their product to sell more then anything now. I saw this one commercial for a yogurt company. It's trying to get raise money for breast cancer (which is a noticeable cause but just keep reading) and at the end it shows this girl licking, in a sexual fashion, a top of a yogurt container and then the screen says, "Together we can lick breast cancer"... Then every single MTV comercial has to have kids and teens drinking and all of a sudden everyone is having a good time, and Flying through the air and having mad butt sex. They, like I said are trying to brainwash us, and sadly enough people actually fall for it. we are living in the biggest drug culture ever. Then they find new ways of making Commercials, like making them bad so that people will remember them. If you are talking about it then that means that they have won. Like those Damn Money tree commercials...I avoid wearing advertisements when possible and all my clothes have the ads hidden away. Their are also those superbowl commercials. They're spectacular, they're like mystery stories. and you never know what they're selling... UNTIL THE END, 3 bunnies are sitting on a log. one goes home and hangs himself... buy a bike. That was stated by Lewis Black. The Greatest Comedian ever. anyway, its now considered a way of life and people don't even realize it when it happens. Its all over Clothing, Cars, Billboards. and you could say something and not even mean to and its an ad. This is our doomed way of life. My Teacher Ms. Mancuso had I should Complain about Advertisements and I thought it was pretty good so I thought I'd give her credit for this to

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