angry blog commenters...

So i haven't been on ebaum's in a while, and I come on to see what happened with the last blog I wrote and wow... people really hate mexicans! As it turned out, IT WAS the stoner cousin who left the door open when the dog got out, NOT the mexican.

Maybe I should stop writing about my love for cheeseburgers because everyone assumes I'm some fat guy who wishes he had a vagina. I'm actually about 5'3" and 102 lbs with a 23inch waist. I love eating and the whole joke about my love for cheeseburgers comes from my close friends who tease me about it and call me "fat"--because I AM SO SMALL... follow the bouncing ball... they call me fat as a joke because ...i'm actually really skinny. Morons.

My mexican roommate is actually really helpful and it's my stoner cousin who has the never-ending supply of smokebombs that he uses whenever there's work to be done around the house. I'm not sure why I'm explaining any of this to an online community... Meh. Time for bacon wrapped hotdogs, the ultimate rival of cheeseburgers.

Uploaded 06/27/2009
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