Angry Rant

I have not written a vent/rant blog in quite some time, so tonight you are all in for a treat or maybe not a treat but something.

If your going to get nto a fight with your husband and then try and flee from the police as we arrive at your apartment, please do not do it wearing a bikini and on a motorcycle, because  Isure as hell am not going to move my squad car for you.  It isn't my fault that you ended up smashing into the front of my squad car (scratching my hood in the process) and then falling onto the hot middle of summer Arizona asphalt.  Yes I know the the parking lot is literally hot enough to fry an egg and yes you now have third degree burns, but hey nobody forced you to smoke meth for three days, which caused you to hallucinate then attack your husband when he came home from a business trip.  No, I have to say I really do not care that you will probably need skin grafts and your motorcycle is damaged.  Yes I know I am a rotten piece of shit cop, but what do you expect?  I am pissed off, jaded and really hate tweakers.  You smell, your teeth are rotten, you neglected your children and you leave rotten shitty paraphernalia laying around for your toddler to get into.  I know you want to complain to my Sgt. for calling a rotten fucking retard, but after spitting in my face and trying to kick me in the nuts, your lucky I didn't knock you on your ass.

Oh yeah, for the asshole that left his garden hose running in his pool and then called the police to come and turn it off, go fuck yourself.  Someone else already requested that a few years back and I refused to do it then and I still refuse to do it now.  Since SB1070 has been put on hold for now go find an illeagal to take care of your gardening needs.  I'm not a fucking landscaper.

Ok enough of the angry ranting.  I really did enjoy arresting you Mr. 19 year old heroin addict.  Me and my fellow "gang members with badges" as you so kindly called us, had been after you for months for all of the burglaries you and your shitbag buddies had been committing in order to support your habit.  It was real clever of you to break into your own parents home when the ywere out of town recently.  Too bad your older brother was home from Iraq and you did not know this.  Too bad he is a combat hardened Marine and did not hesitate to bash you over the head with a baseball bat until you literally shit your pants.  Oh and by the way, I did not appreciate you reaching into your pants and smearing shit all over the back seat of my squad car as I took you to jail.  But at least you were smart enough not to try and throw it at me through the cage, because as you know you would have sustained another serious beating.  I will give you credit for slipping out of your cuffs just so you could reach into your pants, but you made a huge mistake when you got combative at the jail and the detention officers Tasered and pepper sprayed you.  I have had both done to me and it is not a pleasant experience so it must have really hurt bad for you when it got into your open wounds.

Take care. 

Uploaded 08/06/2010
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