Animals Stand Their Ground. We are Not Animals!

A rattlesnake went to the river, feeling a vibration, he hissed and he hissed. A meandering cow eating grass by the river stepped on the rattler, and got bit.
Does the cow owe the rattler an apology for stepping on him in ignorance of his presence, or does the snake owe the cow an apology for biting her twice as she stepped blindly, almost instantly killing her? Now smashed by her cloven hooves and torn asunder, the snake died too. Neither one owes the other an apology; animals are expected to function one and only one way. By instinct only. Snakes kill at random, based on simple heat and motion; cows meander while grazing, with poor eyesight they are almost completely deaf to their surroundings. They are animals. Humans have souls, intelligence, information at now light speed and instantaneous communications. We are NOT animals, we have cell phones now, we have the ability to communicate, to think, to reason, to learn and to read. Humans can and must apply compassion and reason, it is what separates us from lower forms of life; our humanity elevates us from the animals of the Earth.
Are you an animal? A human is a mammal yes, but are you better than the beasts in the fields and the birds, bugs and snakes of the river bank? Yes? Then THINK like a human thinks, and simply ACT in a humane manner. A human being thinks before he or she ACTS to kill. Animals do not. Think, reason, maybe pray once in a while that you don't, while blessed by or Founding Fathers with a Constitution and no less than 27 Amendments, accidentally KILL another human being without thinking first. And try, try real hard not to violate another human's same God given rights to life and liberty. We Christians are all charged by GOD not to murder. Violate that sixth, Holy Commandment and expect to be tossed into Hellfire and suffer with the eternally damned. Violate another human's Civil Rights to Life and we all expect to be punished under those same Federal and State Constitutions, do we not?
Soldiers under fire at war observe and think first, before firing back they think and apply human reasoning, and follow strict rules of engagement; soldiers train day and night to kill only those they are at war with. PTSD is just one visible sign of the results of their suffering from those deaths caused or suffered, soldiers visibly suffer those deaths and bring that suffering all the way back home, they do not return, "Neutral." We are not at war. Cops think and are called to use less than deadly force first, before applying a killing force. Laws force Police officers to think at least a few times first and also follow constant training and reviews of use of deadly force; George Zimmerman was NOT a Cop, never volunteered to serve his country in time of War. Although trained in Florida State Laws, including the Stand Your Ground Law and MMA fighting, George was and will never be "honorable." He was not hired when he applied as a Police officer, stopped at the very first background check for you see he has had past "issues" with domestic violence and sex crimes against his own female cousin. Should an untrained, fear driven civilian, operating under now known to be false pretenses, be allowed to kill as animals kill? Instinctively kill, Without application of reason or humanity? May he simply, force a confrontation then, while carrying concealed, deadly force, stand his ground, as animals do, and then kill an unarmed child? Florida and this Jury of six women says yes, yes he can kill as an animal would kill, instinctively, without restraint or reason.
Get it? Elevate yourself. If you chose to carry deadly force you are responsible to operate and think inhumane terms, you are a human being, with a mortal soul; you are NOT an animal. You are responsible to your fellow human beings.
We are not animals, we are NOT animals. We are intelligent human beings, we have souls, and, a human life is more important then your ego. Or, your right to follow your black, hooded neighbor, for no better reason than, "he was there," even if it is legal to do so; you have no right to do so, his rights to travel unmolested trump your right to rampant, unnecessary, paranoia... Animals function that way. Animals have only one law, kill or be killed; we call it, "survival of the fittest."
The snake could no sooner eat the cow than the cow intentionally stepped on the snake, they both died. They are animals, they simply reacted to each other. We are humans, not animals. We should think first. Think before we kill, before we shoot. Hey, I know let's let Jesus get it.
Read: Numbers 35:9-34; or: Deuteronomy 19:1-13). Read your BIBLE well, learn lessons from it. Not a Christian? Fine read any other Holy book or laws of men and reason as you will but, read and think like a human being, not an animal. We are much more modern than these ancient thoughts and words. You see, we modern Christians believe we are forgiven of our sins but we are still responsible for our actions and those sins against fellow humans, killing another human is a sin. God wrote it down for us as commandment number six, "Thou shall NOT Kill." Following, forcing a confrontation then Killing an unarmed, scared child is Not an accident. It is murder. Animals don't think before they kill, we should. We are NOT animals.
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