First off, let me say that i AM christian. i believe in all they stand for, but im by far not the best. christian ever. i live my life how i want to and say and do whatever i want, but i still am a christian. its my cousins however, that annoy the piss out of me.

 being that i have had my religion since birth, and they discovered it about 3 years ago, they think that makes them better. lately all they have talked to me about is christ and jesus as if i dont already know. they apparently think they are evangilists set to tell me what i already know.

one of them keeps sending me this video on youtube about this guy whos in hell sending a letter to his friend like "AW MAH GAWD WHY DIDNT YAH TELL ME ABOUT DA JEZZUS AAAHHH IM BURNING THANKS ALOT ASSHOLE". so after he sends that hes like "u gonna watch it?" and im like no, i already know hell sucks. and hes all "man u should watch it, it tells you how bad hell is and all". I ALREADY FUCKING KNOW, ITS ALL THAT IVE BEEN TOLD MY WHOLE LIFE.

then the other cousin keeps sending forwarded messages to my email from her little church buddies about people building christ monuments and how nice these people are. so this guy likes to build monuments, and they r cool. but really i dont need the inbox flood that you decide you must clense me with.

really it just pisses me off that my cousins and their little fag church friends (i have met alot of them, and talk about some messed up ADHD fags) think their shit dont stink when it comes to religion. its like me believing in christ isnt enough. i must take on their lifesyle of E rated video games and FAMILY ORIENTED TV. thats another thing that pisses me off right there. but maybe somone else can/has blogged about it. i cant be the only one.

so wether you liked it or not. there it is. if you didnt like it, then dont read my future blogs, they wont be much better.

Uploaded 08/20/2008
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