Another Boring Week Updated 9/7/2011

Well, another boring week has passed and a new one has begun.  After guiding my ex-fiancee' through the perils of being homeless, she finally got into rehab.  How long she'll stay this time, who knows?  Part of it involved having to get her safely through a hurricane while encouraging her not to have a "hurricane party."  Was I successful?  Who can say?

Now that the storm and the hurricane is over, it looks like another boring week as we face a huge Texas wildfire.  From what I gather, it took out Gilley's where I used to do some work broadcasting Keith Gilley live. 

The last Gilley's was destroyed by fire, too, but the circumstances were different.*

That didn't give you a really good view of the fire, so I went to the bar just down the road where there was a clearing.  This one should give you a better view of the size of the fire.

Due to strong winds left over from tropical storm Lee, the fire rapidly spread and jumped the road.  Here's a panorama shot of the fire from near the old Magnolia train station (which is no longer in operation).

The fire caused us to have to evacuate sometime later though the location of the fire had been about 20 miles away.  We were able to return to our homes today, but the fire is still blazing and is spreading again and there's a possibility that we might have to evacuate again.

As I said, nothing but boring around here.  Not one super villain riding down from the sky dressed like a goblin nor a single Lex Luthor armed with Kryptonite bullets to fight.  If things get any more boring, I don't know what I'll do.

* I got some bad information yesterday.  Keith Gilley posted a message today:

From Keith Gilley:
any body saying that henrys N gilley's is burnt down is a wrong fact gilleys N HENRYS is still alive THE LEGEND IS ALIVE

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