Another Day at the Job... ROAD RAGE on my lunch break!

Alright, so my coworkers asked me if I wanted to go on break early, I said "fuck yeah!"  Normally if I get an hour for lunch, I'll drive home and eat some food, check my email, you know, the usual shit. 

So I went out to my truck to drive home, while I was driving out of the parking lot, some douche-bag was driving really slow up to the stop sign, I thought to my self, "Shit, why is this fucker driving so slow?!?!" 

So I did whatever any experience, big-city driver would do, I cut that son-of-a-bitch off and proceded to go home.  OK, I guess I pissed this fucker off, so, he decided that he was going to teach me a lesson with "fear-tactics."

As I'm leaving the parking lot, I must have been at least 400 feet away from work, still in the parking lot, this fucker drove like a madman to catch up with me only to stop at an angle in front of me. 

I started honking my horn at this fucker, meanwhile he just sat there in front of me (at an angle) blocking both directions of traffic coming and going out of the parking lot.

So, I had enough, obviously honking my horn didn't have any effect, so I drove around the bitch.  But he wasn't intent on letting me go, he sped up to block me again, I then turned into the gas station to get around this fucker.  But as I was making the turn, there he was coming back, but this time toward me.

I thought, "Damn, this guy is a fucking stupid asshole douche-bad!"  As I was getting near to pass him, he stuck his head out of his window to say something stupid at me.  I didn't care to hear what this dumbass wanted to say, so I simply flipped him the finger and drove away. 

But this asshole really wanted to make a point, so he fuckin' followed me home!  Florida drivers are the worst fucking drivers in the US!  He was driving a Cream White, Cadillac minivan.  I guess mommy and daddy spoiled this guy and he always has to get his way.  Fuckin' fag...

Uploaded 02/11/2010
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