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I'll bet you thought I was the only musician out there making songs about corporations and taxes, didn't you?  Well, I was looking around on YouTube and found this one.

A little run together in places, but that gives it a slightly comedic effect... not that this is really a laughing matter, but hey!  If you can't laugh in the face of adversity, what's the use of living?

What I can't understand is why there aren't millions of Americans getting off their duffs and doing something to address this issue.  Okay, I know video games are addictive, but what happens when the next version of Portal or Call to Arms or whatever the hell people are playing comes out and no one can afford the gas to drive to the store, or the road's washed out and the city won't repair the road because corporations didn't want to pay taxes to help maintain the infrastructure that made them all those profits in the first place?  Did you think about that?  No matter.  They've shipped most of the jobs overseas anyway.

The Democrats haven't been QUITE as bad as the Republicans on ignoring the needs of the citizens, but they have a way to go to really make any kind of reasonable change in the situation for most Americans.  Of course, the Republicans won't even support public transportation so those people without cars can GET jobs.  How ignorant is THAT?  Well, I guess they have plenty of help available with the influx of foreigners.  What happens when even THEY can't get to work to operate the equipment because their pay is so low that they can't afford the gas?  Either someone didn't think this through or they've been smoking too much crack and it's rotted their brains.  Of course, they COULD just be sadistic SOBs who don't care about anybody but themselves and their cohorts in crimes against the American people.  Could it be both?

I don't know.  Maybe people are so mesmerized by American Idol, their cell phones, their video games, and their computers that they don't notice how they're being shafted?  Nah.  I know every voter has kept himself or herself informed on all the issues, has researched the economic situation, and can clearly see that nothing short of the return of Jesus is going to get us out of this mess, so they're INTENTIONALLY voting morons in trying to HASTEN the return of Jesus.

Well, people have started to feel the pain some because I know that even Democrats are trying to find guns.  Things must have gotten worse than we realized.
Uploaded 06/12/2011
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