ANOTHER Neko Blog?

Yes, yes. I just can't stand it anymore. How is it possible that she, or is it a he, or is it a group, or what ever the fuck it is has been able to rile up so much emotion and cause so much disruption as it has.  What I find really amusing about it all is that despite the fact that many of you have accurately pointed out it's glaring flaws time and again, you fall right into the trap every time.  I have to say that Neko has definitely owned many of you. This is evident by the fact that you continue to engage it in these pointless round-a-rounds.  The well conceived plan of  "just ignoring" seems to slip through your grasp time and again. It blows my mind that many of you,  who are obviously fairly intelligent, keep going through the same old cycle.


 It really saddened me to see Rednote, who is probably one of the more intelligent and talented people here, drive himself too distraction over who was the more talented musician. You win dude, hands down, and everyone with two brain cells to rub together could see it.


This is the Internet people. And 95% of it is just bullshit.  None of should mean a thing after you click "shut down".  And if some phycopath really does want to go to the trouble of digging into your real life and start fucking with it, your not going to fix it by coming on here and trading insults.


Any way it's summertime, at least in this hemisphere.  Go outside and do somthing constructive.  That's my plan as soon as I finish my coffee.


Good day all.  

Uploaded 07/31/2011
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