ANOTHER Reply to 'Beat Your Kids'

I have to say that I an extent. Every time I go out somewhere (like yesterday, for example), I see kids acting up. What do the parents do? They say, "Please (insert common, trendy, overused name here)! Stop that! Please, please, please etc." And not even in a stern voice, either.

When you're telling your kid to not do something potentially dangerous, why would you say please? Not only did the kid I observed not stop what they were doing, they started laughing at their mother. I would too if my Mom said that.

I'm not claiming to be perfectly disciplined in any way, but from observing the stupid things my older siblings did and what got them spanked, I learned right from wrong. That's why shows like "Supernanny", "Nanny 911", etc. are needed---because some parents nowadays don't know how to parent. As I said in Kaustic's blog, my parents never did 'timeout', but it prob'ly wouldn't have worked in the first place. The 3 of us needed a spanking, which we got if we were bad (of course, you have to know that my parents aren't originally from Canada, so their parenting methods are different).

My parents are very strict, in fact. And when I go to my friends' houses, I can't help but see why they've turned out the way they have. They act out, they swear at their parents and call them nasty things, and not come home til 3am because they're hanging around their little druggie friends. That'd never happen in my family. This only happens to them because their parents are 'too nice' and never used proper discipline when they were younger. I only know this because they make fun of me for having over-protective (which they aren't) and strict parents. Their parents are too easy to push around. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them, in particular, ends up beating their mom (who is a very nice person, by the way).

Hmm...I don't really know how to end this. I'm not good at ending what I write. So....uh....yeah. That's it. I'm done.

Uploaded 08/28/2008
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