Another Stupid Chistmas blog


I went to the movies last night and like so many times the softdrinks would have been watered down except I took my own. The candy would have been stale but I took my own and lets not talk about the damn noisy kids, thank God I didnt bring my own. I sat there and even now after years of it I am still amazed that commercials are being shown and yes I know it keeps the price of tickets down...BULL SH*T it just increases profits.

I am sure many of you dont even remember when cable was first starting out and the promise of commercial free TV, because you are already paying for it. Hell on late nights you cant even find anything to watch except infomercials. My favorite informercial is the one with the two very buxom ladies selling...well selling...BooBs right? This whole commercials atthe movies is just flat out wrong but the lies told to defend their actions are even worse. I have to go now and get ready to go to the movies because I dont want to miss the one where Kid Rock or Three Doors Down makes it seem like a good idea to get shot at.

Oh yea the Christmas blog thing......Merry Christmas and no I didnt say Happy Holidays.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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