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The answers (for who cares) to the Quick Christmas Quiz I posted...

Which Christmas song caused the most scandal...

1) Oh Little Town Of Bethelehem

2) Let it Snow

3) Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

The answer is ... #2. Cahn and Styne wrote it in 1945, at which time, the idea that a man and a woman who were 'sweethearts' spending time together without a chaperon was terribly scandalous.

 Saint Nick (Santa Claus) is originally from...

1) Italy

2) Germany

3) Turkey

The answer is ... #3. Turkey. Saint Nicholas was a person who was alive in the third and fourth centuries, attempting to spread the word of Christ in the Eastern Empire. His bones (a holy relic said to emit a smell of lilacs) were stolen by the Italians of Bari so that they might have a relic for their church.

Nat King Cole released how many Christmas albums...

1) One

2) Three

3) Seventeen

 The answer is ... #2. While there have been MANY Christmas albums by Nat King Cole, he only had 3 original releases, one of which was a commercial promo. All of the others were re-releases or re-names of the other albums.

The original story title from the movie 'A Christmas Story' was...

1) A Christmas Story

2) Ralph's Christmas Magic

3) In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash

The answer is ... #3. Probably wouldn't have done so well in theaters with the original name. And as Gnome pointed out in PM...there are actually several shows that took their inspiration from this series of stories.

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