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When I say to someone that I am involved into SEO that person usually gets a pathetic bloom of pity and sorrow on his face. All those stories about successful Internet-marketers, start-uppers and bloggers seem only to inspire us, working in Internet business while everyone out there sees in us some teenagers playing with their computers and believing it will bring them some good.
It seems I have started here from too far away though. What I was going to say, that those market challenges in "real world" are accurately reflected in our virtual world aka Internet. I mean, it's not easier to get your website or Internet-company or some product to the top in search engines than it is to make your company successful in real world. It's the same struggle of competitor companies and your pet project there and here, no difference. Good news is that you don't need to meet people on the Internet.
I've been promoting my own blog for quite a long time already. I've never been all that into tech or programming, I only knew how to write cause that's what I love. I also knew my topic cause that's what I study and enjoy. I am not going mention my blog's URL here cause what I want to write here about is more on the instruments of measuring my promotional activity success. When I started writing my blog I first planned to leave it for myself. Then some of my friends took a liking of it, then some of their friends too. So I thought why not to try to find other people on the Net for whom my blog might be of some interest too? Or even to make money from it? So that's how all that started. There was the moment when the great love story between me and Internet-marketing began. I had to read a lot about SEO (the one about promoting and not about coding) and I started advocating my blog around the net, mostly in natural and friendly manner. I've built the links and so on. And then the evaluation time came up.
So I started gathering my own tool box of nice and mostly online based tools that might help me to evaluate my promotion activities. Most of them are free. I will say it's not that easy cause everyone seems to want to make a fool of you pushing cool tools and than all of a sudden saying that in order to see more you need to pay now.
One of my latest findings in the set of backlink checking tools is Moosearch. Developers seemed to want to make a kind of website analyzer out of it, but I like the backlink checking part the most so far. I've seen a lot of those backlink checkers and this one doesn't make a lot of a difference but I will surely add it to my toolbox.
OK, I've shared my latest finding so please, if you find either a website analyzer, a backlink checker, a keyword tool which are both online based and free - please share them. Good luck with your Internet work too, lads.

Uploaded 03/09/2013
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