Anyone with any religious questions?

I'm quite bored and have little or nothing else to do than write a blog. If anyone has a serious question on the Roman Catholic faith you can ask it here and I'll do my ebst to answer it, I am thegodlyone remember :-D sadly, although I am not of that faith (or any religion for that matter) I know a ridiculous amount about the dogma and the rules of the Catholic church. So ask away and I'll post the reply in paragraph form on this blog


Where does money that the Church brings in go to?


A very good question. The fact is that, although they don't advertise the Catholic Church is the biggest charity organization in the United States. It offers Soup Kitchens and places like the Salvation Army(not the Salvation army exactly which is actually a branch of christianity in itself I believe). If you don't have enough money to eat, find one of the soup kitchens in your area. there's bound to be a couple.



I'm not much of a religious person, but answer me this: Why did the apostle Paul invent all
of the garbage about Jesus being God's son? He pretty much created most of the more supernatural parts of Christianity, and for what?


Your talking to the wrong person there because I don't believe that Jesus was God and I don't really think he existed in the first place. But Paul and all the other Apostles seemed to have very similiar views on the things Jesus said. And Jesus said "My Father" very often, and constantly referred to himself as the son of God. So everything Paul(or whoever wrote that book) said is supposedly what Jesus himself said. Hope that helps. If not I'll answer any follow up questions


Why does god let abominable, horrible, vile shit happen to children? and don't say he works in mysterious ways.


Ok listen, remember that I am not a catholic and only know all this shit because i've been forced into Catholic school for my entire life. But to be honest THAT IS the only answer catholics seemt o be able to bring up. God has a purpose in everything. I find that to be complete bullshit personally. So you get hit by a train and go to hell, that was God's intent? Fuck that man. Sadly that's all I have for you on that one. I know your dissapointed but trust me, so is the other 500 million catholics who have heard this line.


How come when you get a divorce the church basically shuns you?


    Because when they say marriage is a sacred bond they mean just that. Your souls become interconnected and God witnesses it. According to the church a divorce is like self-mutilation because your ripping your soul apart

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