Apparently, some people never got over the whole zvue scandal

Keynan:well howdy! I had a question for you, do you use adobe cs3 for video and picture editing?

Platypuss: what makes you think i edit anything?

Keynan: well, you sure don't upload entire reels of footage, unless you copy other peoples using a flv copier

Platypuss: i dont even know what the hell youre talking about

Keynan: alright nevermind toodlezo

Platypuss: what do you mean entire reels of footage?

Keynan: haha, its really not a big deal

Platypuss: why in the world would I have reels and where the heck would I get those and what use would that be

Keynan: well you upload clips, things like a minute long stuff like that, reel is the old term for a full length clip, not just a metal tape so i wanted to know if you a) created your own videos using a progam or b) just copy videos off other sites

Platypuss: i dont see why i would not uplaod the entire clip. what good is it to be missing a part of it dude, NO ONE creates their own videos here maybe 1% for some inside jokes and stuff

Keynan: well, your wrong there and we content creators enjoy the stereotype that we are all piracy masters but indeed well, i'm looking for content creators for my website so

Platypuss: ok but... ebaum is THE site where people post stuff ripped off some other popular sites

Keynan: enjoy your day! goodbye

Platypuss: original content is extremely rare on here

Keynan: not at all because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there

Platypuss: wow, you really have no idea about this site do you

Keynan: we merely title all our videos as fake titles

Platypuss: its famous for ripping off other sites

Keynan: so stupid people don't waste time with "cat" tags and "dog" videos

Platypuss: here, lots of em do

Keynan: your kinda funny

Platypuss: theres isnt one page of feature without kittens

Keynan: i would appreciate if you didn't make blind accusations without any fact tho

Platypuss: there ARE facts

Keynan: "Platypuss:wow, you really have no idea about this site do you"

Platypuss: google ebaum and eric bauman and zvue

Keynan: sigh goodbye, i'm not here to waste time in an arguement

Platypuss: like i said, its about 1% That is original. almost everyone rips videos from other sites keep your head in the sand if you wish

Keynan: i live no where near a beach but I appreciate the once again, blind comment, no offense

Platypuss: why would you be offended that all the videos are ripped off here. its not like its YOUR site im not attacking you

Keynan: you can't attack me

Platypuss: all in your honor if your material is original really

Keynan: so lets not even waste time talking about that this isn't my account i clearly take it you haven't heard of h33t right? or matt14?

Platypuss: wait a minute, youre not the guy ive been talking to via PM recently?

Keynan: yes of course! my friends gave me there accounts because I got blacklisted on ebaumsworld for taking on eric and his bastard of a father lovely bunch of people i worked with tom fulp, erin white to get this site banned for years, when you can't beat it, you have to ruin it from the inside

Platypuss: then you did know what I was talking about when i told you this site is famous for ripping off others...

Keynan: why would you admit something incriminating on this site? you know thats why zune bought this right to make him legally accountable for his actions, they have now have proof eric used malicious coding

Platypuss: its already not a secret so why pretend we didnt do it

Keynan: copying minute videos isn't illegal enough to be worth peoples time, purposely destroying computers is because its legal action, its not something someone snaps a finger at and says get him you need to prove eric owned this site, and its illegal to sell a website domain you don't own

Platypuss: people copy videos from site to site all the time. if someone says i have a video that has to be removed, im ok with that because i know its not mine but if its funny i wanna share it with others

Keynan: but thats not how the world works in any way i know pro photographers, take adam stewart for example

Platypuss: that whole thing sort of faded away and people dont really talk about it anymore

Keynan: guy spends his time, and money taking pictures wanna tell me what he gets out of it? you taking his videos and "sharing" them i mean no offense, in any way but i don't understand your logic

Platypuss: im not wrong for sharing a video i liked with others. the site who makes money with the ads they put on that video is wrong

Keynan: but you support that? thats like saying, apple is bad but people buy ipods are good you think if you didn't come to this site it would have all these ads? all these things come on, your really gonna say that

Platypuss: most videos we post are homemade 1 min long and are about kids breaking their face on a skateboard and such

Keynan: i've worked hours to try to understand the physiology of the people on this site. which is things im against by the way, being a skateboarder there is nothign funny about being out a carrer well, thank you for your time this is as much as I needed to hear

Platypuss: of course not but when some idiot tries to land a front flip from a roof and breaks his arm, he had it coming

Keynan: have a good day really? thats how you think?

Platypuss: thats how I and most people think yes

Keynan: wow, I hate to see when you get hurt and are on the other end of that stick

Platypuss: if I get hurt and i can post it on the internet i would then other people can copy it and post it to other sites i dont give 2 shits

Keynan: clearly you've got hurt if your over the age of 1 you've suffered and injury so why not post it? cause its not funny when it happens to you

Platypuss: clearly, youre taking this way too seriously and this convo might end up as a blog

Keynan: never

Platypuss: lol

Keynan: the only place I would put this would be h33t, and your in no way resembling an idiot so I have no reason to disturb you but as I said, I've heard enough, I wanted to see if a woman had morals on ebaumsworld. thank you for your time, goodbye

Platypuss: youre a funny, strange guy

Keynan: Once again, I would appreciate the inside insight to people who know me, but thanks for the compliment.

Uploaded 07/20/2009
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