archaeological dig

ok so i live in a old subdivision with my girlfriend the homes are all extremly small (there old war homes) but they have large propertys. I am 18 and work at a skateshop while im off college making 13 $ an hour and it's all i can afford. I was asked by my neighbour to come over and help dig up this area for his pool. (he had the idiotic idea of burying his above ground pool in the ground). when i got there, there was an area roped off that was partialy dug up. my first thought was that it looked like they were digging for fossels like those archaeologist's. So we got to work we dug for about an hour and we hadn't gotten very far at all when i partialy dug up what looked like a blanket. stupid me decides to yank at to pull it out but it's lodged in there pretty good so we pry it out with a shovel and out pops a dead dog. it seems i uncovered a dog bed not a blanket. I emediatly washed my hands alittle groused out we buryied it some place else on his property cause we did not want to be looking at teh remains of that ugly little rotting thing. after about the second hour of work i went back to my house to check on the wife and 3 year old son. I had lunch drank some water and told my wife about what happend. she scremed in terror and asked if i washed my hands. of course i washed my fucking hands. so i went back to work. when i got there i saw the remains of 3 more dogs lyieng on his grass the site of it made me gag. we burryied them hopeing it would be the last. then hopped back into the now waist deep hole. (btw the way the dogs where all little rat looking things so you can eliminate your thoughts of it being some dog fighting shit like that Mike Vick douche). anyways by the end of the day we ended up digging up six dogs. it was the grousest experience of my life the closest thing ive seen to dead befor this was road kill. curiouse we decided to phone up the previouse owner and ask her about the dogs. ( the present owner has been good friends with her since he bought it), but she had no idea about the dogs and said she had only lived there for a year. so w.e that's all done and over with. my neighbour being the friendly guy he is invited me and my wife over for dinner for helping him, our other neighbour who is a good friend with us both was invited to show up as well. so he was cooking up hamburgers on his grill in the back me our buddy and our 3 wifes are sitting out on the back patio around the fire pit of my place, (it was a nice night and we were enjoying the weather). when i decide to share the story with our buddy. (stupid idea) now he doesnt seem to be groussed out at all (he works for the town so he has to deal with sweaping up roadkill quite frequently). when he decides to crack a joke. he yells out to my neighbour cooking on the grill " how's that grill working for cooking up those dog's" at first i thought nothing of it cause i was thinking hot dog's. but then my neighbour yells out "its doing good im glad i finaly dont have to listen to that little poodle next door barking all night he sure does cook well". I projectile vomited all over the fire creating the rankest smell off roasted vomit. long story short im never eating hamburgers again.

Uploaded 08/07/2008
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