Are Soldiers Hookers?

Semper fi, guys! It seems that when you drama trolls don't whore for my attention you go crazy and act like you're soldiers and shit and save the world. The current problem is what - are soldiers like whores? Or is it okay to call them whores? Or Dread08 suspending Spanki1889's blogs because he feels offended? Anywho, as you might remember, I joined the super awesome jet pilot training facility so I know a lot of shit about military. I played numerous FPP shooters.  I also saved the world from Alduin in Skyrim, so I feel like the right authority to decide who is right here. 

Let's take a definition of the word "whore." Encyclopaedia Brittanica says that it's someone who pursues a faithless, unworthy, or idolatrous desire. Or someone who engages in sexual acts for money.

Do soldiers do that? Those who joined the army because it pays well fit into the first category. Knowing that cadets get anally assaulted in showers by their peers is a wide-known fact, so you can also say that they get payed to withstand buttsecks from their horny buddies. 

This doesn't change the fact that this statement, nevermind it's very accurate, insults the military who protect the world. The US army is the world police and it deserves to be cherished like the brave Canadian welders that risk their lives every day welding ships together, so you can go on a cruise. Freedom of speech isn't a free pass for insults. 

Another thing is the people who try to talk stuff about freedom of speech. This is a website. It's not part of the government or the justice league or whatever you think it is that it should respect your freedom of speech. If you feel insulted or feel that something posted here is inappropriate, go ahead and contact the staff about it. They probably won't do shit about it, but at least you won't spam the blogs with your whine.

The next thing is GIJoe talking about morals and violating the website rules by calling soldiers "whores" I want to remind that GIJoe is the same creepy offender who used to harass me, 1star my blogs from alts and posted my facebook information here. It's cool that you quote the rules, GIJoe, why didn't you follow them yourself, stalker?
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