Are You a Warrior or a Wizard?

If you're an experienced DnD player, you probably understand how difficult it is to decide for the right character class, especially when you play hardcore and roll the dice for HP every time you level up. Since mages have a small die for their Hit Point bonus, there's a high chance they'll get 1 or 2 (!) HP point bonus this way. Even if you add the points based on your Condition modifier, that's also not good for the Mage because you need to invest your points in Intelligence (always start with 18!!!!).

If the Wizard starts off as a weakling, should you choose a Warrior? There's pros and cons. You won't have access to the spells. Warriors gain a lot of Hit Points and level up smoothly but swinging a sword isn't always what you want out of your game.

Alternatives? Making a two-class character isn't a wise choice. There's a reason why Mages are attacked as a priority. They can cast powerful spells, and at higher levels they are deadly. The low HP is the price for that. If it was possible to make a powerful Wizard that's also a Warrior, everybody would do that.

I guess that you have to make a decision - do you want to be a strong and endurable Warrior who needs to use weapons in combat or a frail but powerful Wizard with magical powers at his command.

Share your thoughts.

If this topic becomes popular, I might write a blog about coming up with names for your characters.
Uploaded 07/29/2011
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