Artemis - The Most Baller Shit Of The Year?

For the ones who are hyped at the news of one of the greatest games getting a new installment soon, grab  tight to your seats. Razer announced that they are planning to launch the Mech control system for the amazing game - Mechwarrior Online. This controller will probably go down in history for its design and will most likely revolutionalise the market - if the trend catches up, imagine other games getting creative control stations.


Artemis, because that's how the control console's called, is named after the Greek goddess of moon and hunting. The name's highly appropriate - using the system for tracking your missiles sounds like something incredibly fun. Add to that the new technology LED screens allow to add to the gadget and there you have it - an awesome controller only the rich and cool people will buy, that's gonna enhance your gaming to unimaginable quality. Touchscreen pad, mini console and the joystick encased in a great looking design is one of the best ideas of the year in my humble opinion. I have no clue how much it's gonna cost yet, since it's a prototype. The controller will be available for sale after the game comes out this year

Uploaded 07/15/2012
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