Ashley Madison-Life is Short. Have an Affair

So, I was just watching porn on youporn. Yeah I know. I watched porn...and then came to ebaums world...and THEN finished off. that order. I mean I couldn't help myself...some of these blogs are just so amazing.

     Anyways, excuse my digression. So I was just watching a wonderful little film entitled Crazy party chick orgy. Another digression-yes, it was crazy, yes it was at a party, and yes it was a girl(thankfully) BUT! thee was no orgy! since when is an orgy two people? THAT'S SEX! Jesus christ they will put anythign to get your attention. I mean who doesn;t take a look at Huge Donkey Dick? come on raise your hands....ok forget you ass holes.


Again, excuse the digression. The commercial before Crazy Party Chicks was a guy lying with his wife in bed. He sees a bottle of alcohol across the room. He quietly gets out of bed and puts on his pants. He grabs the bottle and starts walking downstairs. He sees a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day. His wife is essentially shaved Chewbacca(if any of you correct my spelling you are hereby cursed to a life of never ever getting laid). The narrator then says "Ashley Madison, Life Is Short, Have an Affair." I was fucking appalled. I went to the site and it turned out this was a "discrete dating site."

How far have our fucking morals fallen that they will really make a website, nay A COMMERCIAL about defacing the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is supposed to be a holy institution (or whatever the fuck you wanna call it it's still supposed to be permanent!). You mary someone because you love them and want to be with them for the rest of your life. If your ok with going to a website or people who want to have affairs YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN MARRIED YOU DIPSHIT!

The world pisses me off


thegodlyone has spoken

Uploaded 06/11/2009
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