Assholes on the bus

There's a few things I wanna get off my chest, and what better place to vent than Ebaums!


People on the bus who won't fucking move-You ever get on a bus thats crowded, and the driver is screaming for everyone to move back, but the jackoff  at the front of the pack refuses to budge.  what the fuck is this guy's problem??  we all paid our fare to get on, you don't own the bus, FUCKING MOVE!!!

People with baby strollers- Now I understand parents without cars gotta get places too, but why is it every bus is jam packed with strollers in the worst possible weather??  wtf are these parents thinking...."wow theres a horrible storm out, better bring my child out now!"  If something is so important, find a babysitter before you have to run out...Im sick of waiting for 30 minutes in a blizzard to get to work just to have to walk through a gauntlet of baby strollers!


And the worst of them all...

Pompus Bus Drivers!-Anyone on here from Hamilton knows what Im talking about.  These holier-than-thou drivers that show up 15 minutes late, sneer at you when you ask for a transfer, and for some reason, hammer the brakes so everyone goes flying forward!  and whats worse is despite the fact they're behind schedule, it doesn't stop them from going into a tim hortons for ten minutes while the rest of us have to wait for this douche to get his coffee!  Just because you made a poor career choice doesn't mean you can crap all over the rest of us!

thats it for now.....

Uploaded 12/16/2008
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