Astra and Cal Agree Soul in Peril

After careful discussion, both Astra and Cal agree with Texas governor Rick Perry's

statement that the nation's soul is at stake. The nation's soul is in PERIL! The nation's

soul has never been in such a condition of blight. Evidence will be offered to prove this


Just this year, on January 5, 2010, the legendary Willie Mitchell passed away. Issac Hayes

died August 10, 2008. We've lost Louis Armstrong and James Brown as well. With the cuts in

school music programs, it is unlikely that the tradition of the nation's soul will continue

to thrive as it has in the past.

Cal wants to remind us that Wilson Pickett, who wrote such hits as "In The Midnight Hour"

and "Mustang Sally" is no longer with us.  Teddy Pendergras, who wrote such hits as "If You

Don't Know Me by Now" and "Wake Up Everybody," departed this plane of existence January 13,

2010.  Betty Wright, who wrote "Tonight is the Night" about a real life love affair she had

when she was a teenager, lost her son in December of 2006, so he will be unable to continue

the legacy.

We should also remember that the nation's soul has been in peril for some time - in fact,

ever since the Johnson Administration, with the passing of Otis Redding in 1967. Further,

Astra would like to remind everyone that while gospel music is seeing a renaissance, the

passing of Curtis Mayfield, Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin in recent years, plus the

recent passing of one of the original Isely Brothers, has put America's soul in peril.

America; repent!! You have neglected your soul. Governor Rick Perry is correct. America's

soul is in peril. Unless we drop the funk-bomb on America and regain our soul, we are in

danger. Time has come today."
Uploaded 04/10/2011
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