Atheists and maybe some christians

I'm starting to get annoyed with christians. I see them all the time, attempting to convert another victim to christianity, offering false hope or somethingelse along those lines. I'd like to lay down some of my opinions. Christians should quit trying to make more mindless zombie following an arrogant system of people who push all of thier beliefs onto others, hoping that they will see the "light," which I've come to refer as stupidity. Christians are arrogent because they believe that there's some godly being waiting hand and foot to answer everyone's parayers, as if that's ever going to happen. Any situation referred to as a gift from god is just good luck, if there's anything behind it at all. Christians can't seem to place any of the things they do on themselves. It's always either God or the Devil. I personally think Christians are quicker to place blame on the Devil than to give credit to God, showing darkness in the "shining eutopia" that is Christianity. I have much more to say, but I've hit writer's block, so I'll end in a second. If I've said something offensive, I stand by my word.

(I don't think all christians are the way I present them in this blog, but I know there are christians like that. Those are the christians that make me want to shout, "Oh your God! What's wrong with you?!")

Uploaded 04/13/2009
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