Do you ever look back on your life and think "Man do I owe some stuff" This Christmas at our family gathering I was talking to one of my brothers and he told me about how he had ran into one of the kids we ran around with. I was really good friends with Randy and asked about where he was and then my brother tells me he said we were the biggest bullies in school. Just a little history......I was what we called a "bad ass" back then but was the youngest of three brothers and they could kick my ass. This was the difference I was the kid in school who took up for the little wimpy guys (probably a superman complex) and that was how I got my reputation. This particular kid I got into three or four fights protecting him and now I am a bully in his memory? It just got me thinking about the stuff I do now. I am referred to as a "Bleeding Heart" by my brothers because I think we need to take care of the down trodden. My wife often liked to refer to me not being happy unless I was rescuing someone "YOU CAN'T SAVE THE WORLD!!!!


It just makes me wonder when I leave this world will people be standing there saying shit like he didnt help me enough or he wouldn't help me. Well the joke is on them because I will be dead and they can kiss my ass. I would write more but I think I will go over to Randy's house and BULLY him a little.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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