Attention EbaumsWorld - A Call To Arms

This is not a post about Pandas.

If you were looking for a blog about pandas, you're shit out of luck. No pandas here. Not even a hint of bamboo either.

On a side note, people in bamboo houses should not throw pandas.


Now that I'm sure that I have your complete and undivided attention, I figured we should do something truly interesting. I'm looking to start an online band, and I'm looking for auditions. Here's what I'm looking for:

Vocalists, Guitarists (Acoustic, Electric, and Bass), Keyboardists, Drummers, and a fat guy playing the tuba just for kicks.

The fact is, I don't fully know how musically creative you guys are. I'm going to leave it up to everyone to decide if we should cover a song, or if we should make our own. If you have an idea for a song that we should cover, leave a comment with the Artist and Title. I'm personally a big fan of Stereophonics, A Perfect Circle, and many others leaning toward the Rock/Metal Genre.

If you would like to try out, send an email with an attachment of your audition to

It doesn't have to be anything special. Just show me what you can do with your weapon of choice, or your singing capabilities. Remember, this is just a preliminary idea, so I want to see how many people are interested. If all goes well, we'll put together a band, play our parts and I will arrange the music myself. If need be, I can also sing and I'm self-taught on the piano, but if I try doing anything aside from those, I can almost guarantee there will be no survivors.


So...... show of hands...... who's interested?

What should we play?

Uploaded 11/03/2008
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