Attention, Ebaumsworld Users!

Yesterday there has been a change in the website's policy about the comments. As many of you probably noticed, the freedom of speech is honored by the site's administrators with very high regard and its the inappropriate words that are getting censored, not opinions. Despite the efforts of the staff in dealing with immature jack asses who like to shock people with their racism, the trolls kept finding new ways to bypass the filter or act in a racist manner.

This has lead to the decision that people who used the N word in the features or showed blatant racism in other ways (for example in their avatars) were getting banned yesterday. This caused an uproar since their childish behavior used to be allowed here.

What do I think about the new point of view? I think it's great, because there's a difference between using racial stereotypes and straight out infantile use of the "N" word. The people who whine about their freedom of speech being violated should learn what that term actually means, because it gives people the right to speak their minds, not to insult others. Another thing is it's a private website and the owners don't give a shit about some racist dumb ass who suddenly feels like his rights aren't being respected. If you want respect, how about you learn its meaning.  

Bravo, Ebaumsworld! 

Uploaded 09/29/2012
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