Awareness and Understanding

People with disabilities, handicaps, and other "differences" are understandably upset when people judge them or mistreat them based on those differences. But what happens when one person with one disability meets another person with another disability... and it's their very disabilities that offend one another?


Let me explain. Mayoj1 posted a video, a news clip of some guy, a dwarf, who apparently walked into a McDonald's and when a worker there saw him she flipped the fuck out and ran into the back of the store. Naturally he was offended... well, the manager came out and apologized, and explained to him that the worker was PHOBIC OF DWARVES. That's right. A fucking phobia. The woman was uncontrollably terrified of him because he was a dwarf.


Now, what makes me laugh is that the guy wants to make the McDonald's send all it's workers to a disability awareness course that teaches people how to treat people who have those kinds of physical handicaps. He says a grown adult should know better than to behave that way.


Am I the only one that sees the irony here? The woman is fucking PHOBIC!!! THAT IS A HANDICAP, DUMBASS!!! He thinks a fucking awareness course is going to reign in a fucking phobic reaction?!? Talk about fucking clueless. And here he is talking about awareness and understanding... the court should make HIM go to a phobia awareness course. At least, in his case, he has it in his own power to change his outlook. That woman doesn't, at least not without very extensive, traumatic, and expensive therapy. God, I fucking hate hypocrites.

Uploaded 10/20/2008
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