ok im not going to care about how i spell this blog or if the grammar makes sense. i just want to get this thought into writing. I think it sucks how babies have to be born into this world with all these rules they have to live by. why do we have to be selfish to survive. why is money so important. it seems like all this fancy shit skyscrapers and pagers and cellphones and huge companies with enough money to feed everyone in africa are making more problems. we spend all this money on stupid shit like on fancy clothes and 600 dollar cellphones that never actually make us happy. All this stuff impresses us for awhile but then they become boring and we have to buy more stupid stuff to keep us entertained. if tommorrow i woke up in a mansion how long will it be before the house stops impressing me. i recently got comcast and i have like thousands of channels compared to like 100 with my old cable. it was so great at first but now it seems like i still cant find anything on tv. it sucks how babies are born and they already have there religion chosen for them. they dont even question whether its the right one for them and most people never question it or even try and find out if another religion would help them more or not. why should babies be born into a family that cant afford to feed them while other familys feed there kids until they are obese. most of all how come i dont care about all this. if we really think about how fucked up shit is in other parts of the world why dont we care. why dont people make a bigger deal about this. why does a place to live cost one million dollars. not everybody has one million dollars. so they have to sleep in the rain. fuck i sound like a hippie now but i think what im saying makes no sense. I hate having to see myself in the future having to struggle to be happy. i wish i can do more to help than write this stupid blog on stupid ebaums but im too lazy and week to break the rules. It seems like the easy way is to turn on the tv and turn off our brains. it seems like everything is getting worse everywhere.
sometimes i wonder if people are born selfish or are we taught to be selfish. why the fuck are there wars. people die in wars. how could someone kill another person. penguins dont kill other penguins. i hate seeing people fight. people that fight try so hard to hurt the person they are fighting. it looks so gross watching it. its always over something stupid to. ive never heard of a justified fight. you owe me twenty dollars? fuck twenty dollars. some people just make problems and are looking for a fight. what if everybody was friends? think about it. what if everyone was nice to each other and everyone was real? i think that would be fun. today i was walking and the park and i saw a dad with his three kids. when he saw me he took his kids and left. he was so scared that i might hurt him or his kids just because i am a stupid little kid. i dont blame him though because a lot of stupid kids do stupid shit. but would we actually be happy in a perfect world where we are all friends or would we be selfish and try to get more than anybody else. well it doesnt matter because we all need to survive and in order to do that we have to play the by the rules and walk the path that we were born into. i think in a few hundreds of years when things keep getting worse until it all finally looks like a huge pile of smelly shit, when everyone finally realizes how bad everything is they will start the world over and rewrite the rules of life so that everyone can be happy and not just entertained. or that would never happen and its just gonna be like how it is now forever. But thats not going to happen anytime soon so lets turn on the tv and watch spongebob.

sorry if i sound too much like a hippie but everything im saying makes sounds good to me. it doesnt bother me that people are starving and dieing everywhere. it doesnt bother me that people are afraid to sit next to eachother at a bench at the park. it doesnt bother me that we need drugs to escape the shit we have to deal with to survive. it bothers me that it doesnt bother me that much.

p.s.s. im not even going to proofread this because its too much im sure you can still read it if a few letters arnt capitalized.

penguins cows and sheep. we could all learn something from them.

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