Back from being forgotten

  Hello all.  Not sure who here remembers me.  It's been a while since I've written or posted anything at all on EW.  Life has  I'm not going to complain about stess at work and home.  I know that you all experience the same thing.  I will give you random thoughts.
  I've stopped complaining about politics.  Republican, Deomocrat, or Tea Party, they all are full of BS and just look out for themselves.  We may lose our money but they get paid either way.

  I will tell you about something that I find pleasure in.  Having a cigarette while drinking either booze or coffee.  Now if you add a hot tub to booze and a smoke, perfect relaxization.

  I've started swimming to get more exercise.  I'm an ok swimmer.  I just have trouble getting my stroke inline with breathing.  To fix that, I just bought a snorkle.  I'm sure that I look like a dork using a snorkle in the pool, but I'm not the only one.

  Got tired of renting DVDs so I signed up for NetFlix.  Now my 2 year old is a Sci-FI geek too.  He gets mad when we wait for the opening credits to roll.  He just wants us to fast forward throgh them.  He also knows that the space bar pauses the movie/TV Show.  He got up and paused the TV show, went to the kitchen and got his sippy cup of milk, came back upstairs and restarted the show.

  Not much else that I want to say.  I hope that you all enjoy your day/night.

Uploaded 07/25/2011
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