Bad Ass Pilot Training Kickoff Summary

To make everyone even more jealous of me being accepted to the super awesome jet pilot school, I've decided to post photos and describe the outstanding 24/7 party - the airforce training.

The first day was pretty hard. Turned out that the cinema is not 3D! What the fuck? There are billions spent on the army and they can't even keep up with the cinematic standards?


After the first disappointment, all turned out fine. The guys there were all bad ass. They showed me the coolest activities available, like mortar baseball and jousting.


We were divided into teams. I asked the chief military guy (he has this cool nickname 'Colonel', but he doesn't resemble the KFC guy at all) if the prettiest becomes the captain of the team. Turned out I'm the rookie team captain. Suck on that, bitches!

Here's my squad:


We had to think of the name for our team. After a few hours we finally decided that we will be known as SUPER CUTE KITTEN TURBO PINK ATTACK TEAM. Bad ass.

There was this Canadian exchange guy there. Nobody liked him because he kept nagging about American politics, reeked with maple syrup and couldn't fit into any of out super classy, bad ass high tech jets. He was whoring for our attention and talking either about his stupid girlfriend and her welding class (who cares about that shit?) or about his World Of Warcraft character.


Finally, I got my training jet and picked a senior student to help me. Of course, I got to choose first, so I picked the most handsome and bad ass one. Here's a photo we took when we were over China, shooting lasers at the snowmen kids were making.


I made some pics of them crying afterwards but they are out of focus (jets fly extremely fast -  even my super expensive camera's autofocus was not good enough).

You're probably crying now or screeching your teeth out of envy. Yeah, you should be jelly. And guess what - you think who won the karaoke AND best legs award both at the same competition?


I know that so many assholes will rate my blog 1 star. The jealous admins won't feature this, because they never won the best legs award anywhere.
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