Bad bad day..........

Yesterday I was up at 4 am to run people to the airport in Indianapolis and then I dropped my daughter back at Lexington and then finally back home. The plan was to drive my Lincoln up to the mechanics(replace steering rod) and use my daughters civic. Well she just installed one of those booming kicker whatever you call the system and her damn car would not start. So I am off to the walmart to buy jumper cables and yes I know I should have a pair but DAMN! I get back and jump her car and disconnect her kicker thing and took my car up the street. Done right? NO I get back and think I will watch some stuff I recorded but DAMN the VCR is now tore up. Done right? NO I go upstairs and think I will watch my DVD player WRONG now it will not work. Man I was afraid to even touch my computer. lol Today I traded because of the news in over seas banks and BAM I made about 850.00 today after losing 300.00 last week. I feel good right? WRONG  car is going to cost 450.00 and I had to buy a DVD/VCR today and paid 300.00 for that and now I sit here still 200.00 in the hole. The best is the fact that I bought a reconditioned steering rod and it is black and my interior is red but the other option was 1100.00 and I find the black steering wheel is just fine.


This run of bad luck? I think I will blame it on God. No wait, I will blame it on Bush. No wait I will just chalk it up to DAMN!!!!


Thanks for reading and hope your day was better Bohank

Uploaded 10/13/2008
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