Bad Mushroom Trip

I mentioned my bad mushroom trip in an earlier blog. Here it is:

I ate a bunch of 'shrooms with 2 buddies before going to see a double feature at the Neptune theatre in Seattle. In those days the Nep showed 2 cult classics or oddball films per night. This night featured Koyanasqatsi, the new age music video movie by Phillip Glass and the concert vid, Stop making Sense, with The Talking Heads

Koyanasqatsi is a deep, mystical movie when viewed sober but I was beginning to peak on the 'shrooms just as it started. I could write a book about the few hour trip that seemed like days but I will give the short, sweet version.

I began to be so spiritually freaked out by the movie I decided we must have been in an accident on the way to the Nep. In my mind I was lying in a coma between life and death and needed I must either die (I didn't want to) or wake up in whatever hospital I thought my physical self was spread out. I wandered around the theatre for a sign to show me the way to consciousness but found none. I found my buddy, Dave and said, "I wanna wake up."

"So wake up," he said. FUCK.

I made my way outside and decided I must be in a lucid dream. I knew that I had taken a drug and tried to find signs that I was either just high or actually dead. My hands felt tacky as if covered in blood, the oil on the road looked crimson, surely the blood from the accident I kinda thought we had had earlier. I became more and more convinced that my purgatory was to roam the University District of Seattle until my soul moved on. (When sober I was an athiest, mind you.)

Up and down block and alley I went looking for validation that I was still alive. I thought of stepping in front of a bus to either wake me up or end this spiritual neverland ride and die for good. Every time I looked up I could see the marquee:

STOP MAKING SENSE." it told me cryptically. FUCK!

There was another theatre around the corner from the Neptune and I could see a line and a woman in a white dress ushering people into two lines. She became an angel/nurse and in my mind she was leading people into Heaven/the hospital. Either way I would be free of this nightmare purgatory.

"Which line do I stand in?" I asked, and she pointed to the long one. Heaven. I looked around at my line mates and wondered how each of them had died.

I waited for minutes or an eternity until I made it to the head of the line. I was going in. This was heaven, I was sure. I walked to the door, accepting of my new life as a dead guy. Eager to see what awaited me beyond these 'Gates.'

"Do you have a ticket?" Asked St. Peter/the doorman.

 I didn't have a ticket into heaven. FUCK!

This is getting lengthy so I will stop for now. Part two involves my quest for a church, dropping trou in an IHOP, and some policemen.

Uploaded 09/25/2008
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