Bailout Funds

Does anyone else think handing out bailout money to mega corporations is a bad idea? This time it's, I believe the three biggest American auto dealers. Couldn't we just burn the money to speed up the process? I mean did the bailout money help the banks? Sure, some perhaps, but others went into bankruptcy. And now the auto dealers/manufacturers need bailout money. And from my understanding the Big 3 as we'll refer to them, and as I think others do, however, this time they're not asking for 25 billion dollars, but 34 billion. I like how they're willing to sell their corporate jets and lower their own salaries, the CEOs I mean. That's just so sweet of them, considering they may be F***ed without the bailout anyway. Shouldn't we aim low? I mean starting near or at the top with companies who have policies that F****ed America in the first place seems like a fairly stupid idea,(and I think fairly stupid is an understatement here,) or as I like to call stupid ideas, a Little bit of Bush. Stupid idea? Chalk that up to some LbB. But I digress, shouldn't we bail out families that are faltering under the bad economy, families who are falling apart at the seams, fighting over money and perhaps even separating over all the trouble the lousy economy has brought on them? I know those who are in the auto industry or who have friends and family in the auto industry favor the bailout, I find myself wondering if the CEOs will do what's right for their company, employees, the United States and it's failing economy or if they will do what's best for them.

Uploaded 12/05/2008
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