Banned On Facebook

As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, we recently were blocked from  posting our videos on Facebook. At all. In any way. You couldn't even link a video in a private message to a friend OR EVEN A RELATIVE!

So we got on the ol' horn with Zuckerbear and tried to sort the whole thing out. We thought, maybe it's because of how some of the videos are of questionable content. I mean, do they really want Scissor Fetish video on Facebook? Do they really want a few of the racier pictures in Hakik's Sexy Day or any of FAP? 

Maybe it was the occasional racist comment that someone makes on a feature regarding what fast food chain that particular person may prefer or how that kid regardless of everyone's best intentions is destined to a life of crime.

Maybe it was our growing fascination with Travis since he was recently crowned our TSAR. Our open appreciation of him and his gang could put us in low moral standings with just about anyone. Facebook? Definitely. 

Perhaps it was even the "foul" language that not only graces peoples responses to the videos, but even in the titles! Friday Unearthly Cleavage Knockout spells FUCK kids.

So what did ol' Zuckbear tell us? He said and I quote, "God damn, you no life assholes. Just post a comment about the video and GTFO. This isn't a fucking chatroom." He went on to say that he still hadn't watched the video and that the gallery wouldn't load. 

He sounded like a fucking scientist. He promised that he'd turn our site back on on Facebook (which he did) if we promised to tell you all to log off dickhead, delete your account, and submerge your computer in liquid.

Uploaded 01/26/2011
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