Bar stories, heres mine!

My brother in law calls me and asks me to meet him at the bar. "Ok see ya in ten." I get there at just before 11 p.m. , he already has a pitcher at the table. We begin to drink. After 1 beer he plays a game of pool and I head to the video poker machines to get my gamble on. ( In the state of Oregon we have touch screen gambling machines at every bar.) I stick in 80 bucks and begin to try my luck. There is a lady at the machine to my right and her boyfriend sitting up at the bar behind me to my left. I begin to play and start losing right away. Some drunken idiot who can barely stand comes up to the girl on my right and proceeds to try and pick her up, she ignores him and continues to play her machine. Her boyfriend hears and takes offence to this. He casually walks over and explains he's the boyfriend and to stay away from his women. The guy leaves the gambling area and heads to the jukebox knocking over a barstool on the way.  

My bro in law wins his pool game and the boyfriends got the winner. They begin to play. I'm still in the gambling area, my bro's friend brings me a beer just in time, I'm dyin of thirst but don't want to leave my machine. Ah! Beer number 2, almost as good as beer number 1. At this point the drunken idiot comes back and proceeds to try and pick up on the same girl. Her reply "leave me alone! I'm not interested!" The drunken idiot walks over to the pool table, approaches the boyfriend who is in the middle of his game, looking down the table for his next shot and comes up right beside him all in his face and screams " FUCK YOU AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" The boyfriend continues looking forward holding the pool stick with both hands with the fat end touching the floor. Out of the blue he swings the stick with an up towards the ceiling, down to the floor motion, catching him right between the temple and the top of the head with a sickening thud heard throughout the bar, even with the jukebox on fullblast! This fucker goes down like a sack of potatoes, knocking down his second barstool of the night. A pool of blood immediately begins to drain from his cranium. The boyfriend yells out "see what you made me do" He yells to the girlfriend "we gotta go." He walks out the door then walks right back in to the drunken idiot, stoops over and begins to talk some more shit. He slowly begins to realize this drunken fuck is knocked out and leaves for good.

I look at my machine, I'm down to 20 bucks. I figure I got between 5 and 10 minutes before the fuzz get there and kick everyone out. I gamble the rest of my money and lose. The drunk laying in his own pool of blood is right in front of the entry from the gambling area to the bar so I do what anyone would, I step over him skillfully not to step in any blood and head back to the bar for 1 more brewski before we all get kicked out, sit down take 1 drink and here come the paramedics, followed by the cops................. Stay tuned for part 2.


Uploaded 11/18/2008
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